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With a total reach of approximately 250 million page views and 40 million visits per month, our portal network is among the ones with the widest reach in the entire online gaming industry. Our family gaming portals and are Germany’s and Turkey’s most visited gaming portals and have been enthusing children and parents alike for years thanks to its verified and daily updated content.

The same applies to our international portals by the way.
Apart from being a publisher, KaiserGames offers additional core competencies including the in-house-development of games especially for mobile devices with an iOS and Android operating system as well as project development for entire brands, individual products or portal operators in general. In addition, we offer the possibility of adding your own gaming channel to your portfolio and thus complementing it by a high-quality entertainment product. Any such white label gaming site will be thoroughly customized by us to match your portal’s corporate design in order to not be perceived as an external site.

Publisher, developer, service provider will provide you with information on all topics, competencies, and services in regard to our company. Are you a game developer looking for a high-reach platform? Would you like to use games on your own portal? Are you looking for a qualified and experienced partner for conception and development?
If so, we invite you to look around in order to get to know everything worth knowing about us.